Blender Tools - Sync


Hi guys, in this video, I want to showcase a new functionality which I developed from "Unreal Engine Blender Tools". Its purpose is to help with importing full Blender Scenes into Unreal. (you can find Epic’s original Blender Tools on GitHub).

Unreal has to be running alongside Blender. Inside Blender, every desired object needs to be moved under a collection named "Level". The functionality can be accessed by pressing F5 or using the "Pipeline|Sync" menu option.
Each object is then exported to its own asset folder inside the Unreal project.
The current level now has a new "Blender" actor possessing all the new spawned collection actors as children.

The functionality restores an identity transform to the exported assets but spawns the new actors with the right Position, Rotation & Scale.

It also handles "Linked Duplicates" by dealing with Mesh Data.
Therefore, only one asset is exported and referenced in the scene.

This new functionality is still a work in progress.
And its goal is to have a nice "blockout" workflow, where one can quickly iterate between editing & play tests, and eventually replace every new spawned actor by another blueprint or detailed asset.

Thanks for watching!